We are the leading companies in the field of leather and we specialize in ovo goat, goat, veal and calf, paint, double face and rolled. Through our support of these companies they fail to respond promptly and with absolute accuracy to become increasingly demanding market. The analysis focused on trends and styles al’avanguardia leads to ad hoc responses, timely and always fashionable.

Our role is to act as intermediaries between the companies represented and our manufacturing customers, meeting the needs of one or the other and always providing a quality service, based on professionalism, efficiency and courtesy.

To view the samples and evaluate any proposals of our customers we have set up a showroom of 300 square meters adjacent to our store. Here, in a thoroughly modern and cutting edge 365 days a year find a permanent collection of leather explanatory of everything we stand for.

Our sales activities, to the origins of the game small although traditionally important local reality, it has soon crossed borders, growing not only in all gears but also in other regions of Italy and abroad, where we have important channels in the US, China, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Turkey, Germany.

As evidence of the strength of our business, we participate regularly and with as many as two stand at Lineapelle, the leading international exhibition industry.

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