La Garzarara

La Garzarara, tannery craft exclusive, has performed with brand new leather finishes by hand, unique pieces are destined to become unique creations.

Fratelli Guarino

The “CONCERIA F.LLI GUARINO” was born in 1960 in Solofra – Italy, known worldwide as the birthplace of the tassel. Besides tassels of crossed and chamois, which always produces, in recent years has specialized in a wide range of products washed.


Dada Enterprises Limited, it produces some of the best articles goatskin become the preferred choice of leading manufacturers of footwear worldwide.


Company specializing in nappa half calves, transparencies, washed and milled.


Founded in 1973, it specializes in the double face. Besides that also nubuck, suede tassels and high quality clothing and leather shoes.

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