Vep Pellami, company agents of representation from more than 25 years, is composed of three members: Stefano Vecchi, Gianluca Pacini and Sergio Belli. Passion and professionalism characterize us as well as a wide choice of leather for footwear and leather, we offer thanks to collaborations with tanneries and reliable series of various sizes and price segments.

Stefano Vecchi soon began his own adventure with the Tuscan tanneries and bells. In the 80’s the pinnacle of its growth is when it becomes representative of the Group Conciario Veneto with whom he worked for almost 15 years. His vast knowledge of both commercial and technical him to “explore” in the early 90s to Pakistan, where he started working with two tanneries in the place that today represent splendid reality characterized by a perfect combination: quality and price.

Gianluca Pacini, he joined the company in 1995 along with Belli Sergio Pacini inherited from his father a good commercial knowledge within the company and will in the future, as well as to follow different sales areas, also relations with stylists, activities of great support to the tanneries as regards the articolistica.

Sergio Belli, coming from different experiences in various stores in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčleather and with a wide knowledge of local customers, means that the group is perfect and varied.

In support of the three partners is a team of approximately 15 young and dynamic people, who are each based on its role in all the activities, from sales to administrative.

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